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Psalm 91

004 (5)He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.
Psalm 91

God Is Always There

002 (2)“God is always there.”

Jesus Is Watching

watching youJesus cares for you!  He is watching over you!

No Weapon


This is a wonderful promise of God. As we are walking in God’s righteousness, no weapon that comes against us will prosper, and nothing that is said against us will carry weight. It will be shown to be false in the end.

Truth will always prevail. People gossip and say things that aren’t true to ruin our reputation, or they can say things that pull us down. But the truth will show up the error of their speech and the motives behind it. We can take heart and not listen to it. For we know the truth, we know our own motives and we know that we are walking uprightly before God and have clear consciences. We can be at peace knowing God will bring to light the truth and will vindicate us.

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